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  27.03.2015 Ferienhaus Ostsee
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SundayStylin: its on the app tho
sammy: love you sounds though
SundayStylin: lol glad you like
SundayStylin: we are officially back to work the following week feb 15 this is just a special for our fans like yourself!
sammy: thanks
SundayStylin: with fans like yall ill be thanking yall for an eternity!
sammy: spread the love and we will have a happy world
SundayStylin: alwayss!
SundayStylin: Welcome Back Listners! TO #SUNDAYSTYLIN! requests & shoutouts let us know!
rajM4U: Tiney Whiney!!! #BusySignal :)
SundayStylin: WELCOME!
rajM4U: O.O #DISC
SundayStylin: dkm!
SundayStylin: :)
MarlonChowthi: Woahhhhhhhh\
MarlonChowthi: Chuneee
SundayStylin: hahaa
SundayStylin: bruk out ent original
MarlonChowthi: LMFAOO
ray: Hello
ray: holy shucks i aint know when the last time i checked in here..
ray: :/
djkillerflex: locked in bai
SundayStylin: welcome!
SundayStylin: lol
CoconutTwistM4U: Sooo... any chance you might have a track list for this show?
CoconutTwistM4U: For the dancehall challenged... aka me.
SundayStylin: lol i want one too lol
CoconutTwistM4U: Damnit, selectah.
djkillerflex: i havent been on here in months lol
djkillerflex: been using the app
djkillerflex: Kopa riddim bai
djkillerflex: oh no, this chap went there lol.
djkillerflex: locked in boi
SundayStylin: Check Out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biOXvq3Qazs #STRICTLYVIBES - MUSIC IS MY ADDICTION!
SundayStylin: Sorry, we'll be back on the air as soon as we can sorry about the tech difficulties please enjoy @M4URadio for now! #SUNDAYSTYLIN

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