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  24.11.2014 Ferienhaus Ostsee
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SundayStylin: Thanks!
SundayStylin: glad your enjoying everyone!
SRKrazzy: Cindy Baksh is also SRKrazzy.. :) )
SundayStylin: and now we no
RohenieRam: sundaystylin was amazing.... big up
SundayStylin: lol
SundayStylin: Thank You All For Tuning!!! #SundayStylin Returns Next Week Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends And Family!
razul: shelly seepaul n zaheer rasul, love u always
RohenieRam: #SundayStylin Time!!!!
RohenieRam: history will be made tonight!!! REAL TALK
SRKrazzy: Well worth the wait!!!! WohHoo!!!
SRKrazzy: I think you officially broke all records!!
SundayStylin: Working On It! Thanks! lol
RohenieRam: go to e the best sunday after all!!!
RohenieRam: best way to end off you weekend with #SundayStylin!!!
SundayStylin: Thank You All For Tuning In To Sunday Stylin!
razul: loganville, ga crew tuning in again -
razul: savi
razul: chunezzzzzzzz baiii
razul: happy birthday to mark sheriff and chris isaac from loganville
razul: tosavi from zee, i love you
_SweetGyal: LOVIN these chunes
_SweetGyal: can you play "Nobody affi know - Kranium"
SundayStylin: a little later! will play for shure
_SweetGyal: good :)
_SweetGyal: miss fatty - million styles
SRKrazzy: Yeah. Yeah!!
SRKrazzy: Indian remix... Doesn't get any better!!
SundayStylin: Glad Your Enjoying!
SRKrazzy: Always!! And Thks for the email earlier.. I'll def follow up.
SundayStylin: no problem at all
SundayStylin: Thanks To Every Who Tuned In Tonight! #SUndayStylin Returns Next Week!

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