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djkillerflex: Wham ray
ray: nah wham ray me.
ray: LOL
djkillerflex: LOL
djkillerflex: Me know why
ray: wasn't you suppose to cal me ?
ray: Wham
djkillerflex: Nah msg me pon fb u gah msg me on bbm
djkillerflex: LOL
djkillerflex: Oh crap I forget LOL
djkillerflex: Call u tomorrow afternoon
djkillerflex: Actually call u now
ray: Everytime you say you gonna call me, Flex. I would of been a rich man
ray: LOL
ray: I just reformat my laptop.
ray: Ah thing been ah run slow
ray: LOL
djkillerflex: I called u
djkillerflex: Chune bai roman virgo
trinigtgyal: This was one of my grandpa's favourite songs omfg RIP grandpa
ray: This is a classic
SundayStylin: Ray Delete that link
SundayStylin: please
SundayStylin: Thank You All So Much For Listening Will Definitely Miss Yall Til April 27th 2014 Be Safe! #SundayStylin.
ray: Ajr. you can use a Youtube coder to post Video
ray: LOL
ray: ^^
_SweetGyal: :)
ray: 8)
Christal: :)
ray: :_(
SmashThursdays: Welcome! This is Smash Thursdays!!
SmashThursdays: Currently in the TOP 10 COUNTDOWN
SmashThursdays: Fuse - Azonto!!
SmashThursdays: How's everybody's week going thus far?
SmashThursdays: As we move into #MealOfTheWeek with @djkiddChris

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